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Courses at The Institute are professionally presented based on the original content and intellectual property of the Center for Hispanic Leadership. In addition to CHL instructor-led classes, the growing curriculum will feature lessons from other notable Hispanic leaders, Fortune 500 corporations, and agencies, non-profits and trade associations with close ties to the community. Courses are based on the most sought-after industry training and culturally relevant topics, all delivered via the first and only interactive virtual training system for and about Hispanics.

Coursework is focused on developing Hispanic talent, leaders and business - and so has been designed around widespread research on the needs of Hispanic professionals and small business owners, those who engage with Hispanic employees and consumers, and specific requests from active CHL members. Attending The Institute will enable Hispanic professionals to accelerate their advancement and influence in the workplace; it will also help organizations learn from and move past the tension points they may have with their Hispanic employees and customers - propelling everyone forward to a place of mutual trust, growth and understanding.

Get Certified! When you successfully complete courses at The Institute in the following categories: Leadership, Career Advancement and Entrepreneurial Skills you will receive Level 1 Certification from CHL and be eligible for more advanced onsite training and higher levels of certification.

Level 1 categories at The Institute include:

LIVE NOW - with over 10 hours of content
  • Leadership - Leverage Your Hispanic Heritage and Influence Others
  • Career Advancement - Build Your Personal Brand and Get Discovered
  • Entrepreneurial Skills - See "Unseen" Opportunities and Share Your Success
  • Leading Hispanic Employees - Earn Respect and Trust by Empowering Voices and Identity
  • Selling to Hispanic Consumers - Build Trust, Loyalty and Influence for Your Brand

New content will continue to be added every month as we expand our curriculum to support your ongoing commitment to professional development and business growth.

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