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Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL) Certification is a multi-level, culturally tailored program for the ongoing enhancement of Hispanic careers, businesses leaders, and organizations that serve the community - from Fortune 500 corporations to agencies, non-profits and trade associations. The program is the first of its kind in the United States that certifies both individuals and organizations based on the completion of designated virtual training courses (Level 1) and onsite advanced training (Level 2).

Through certification we seek to put talented Hispanic leaders and rising stars on the fast track by helping them find their authentic voice, tap into their innate skills, and use their cultural heritage to empower growth and innovation. The program is also designed to provide organizations with the knowledge and tools they need to unite, empower and expand the influence of their Hispanic employees and consumers.

Individuals, as well as organizations with active Hispanic Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) or affinity groups whose members successfully complete courses at The Institute, can receive Level 1 Certification from CHL in the following categories:

  • Leadership - Leverage Your Hispanic Heritage and Influence Others
  • Career Advancement - Build Your Personal Brand and Get Discovered
  • Entrepreneurial Skills - See "Unseen" Opportunities and Share Your Success

Additional Curriculum Includes:

  • Leading Hispanic Employees - Earn Respect and Trust by Empowering Voices and Identity
  • Selling to Hispanic Consumers - Build Trust, Loyalty and Influence for Your Brand

Certification means you're ready for advancement. It means you have made the commitment and taken the responsibility, and now you have the tools to move your authentic self forward in ways that come most naturally to you.

Completing Level 1 certification will make individuals and organizations eligible for more advanced onsite training and higher levels of certification, and even customized training. Level 2 courses include:

  • Discover Your Hispanic Leadership Impact and Influence
  • Define Your Personal Brand and Communicate the Power of Your Hispanic Heritage
  • Build the Roadmap for Your Hispanic Leadership Legacy

Organizations will also have the opportunity to tell us what they need in the way of follow-up learning for specific business needs, with the possibility of having customized and onsite courses designed for them. This is where the full import of our experience as executives in the c-suite, successful entrepreneurs, and sought-after thought leaders comes into play for the ultimate experience in talent and business development.

To learn more about CHL's certification program, please contact Annette Prieto at
949-387-2609 or via email at