Higher Learning for
and about Hispanics

Our Culture is a
Competitive Advantage

Welcome to The Institute! We are the first and only interactive virtual training platform for the ongoing advancement of Hispanic professionals, small business owners, and anyone who needs to learn about the Hispanic community and earn their trust - including those who work with them and those who sell to them.

For organizations, it's a chance to align your brand to a platform that will strengthen your recruitment, development and retention of Hispanic talent - as well as your communication with Hispanic consumers and clients. For individuals, it's an education in trusting yourself, investing in your heritage, and committing to your future. For everyone, it's the key to thriving in the new workplace and with new super-consumers, at the opportune time when the need to assimilate is giving way to the importance of holding onto and leveraging cultural roots and values in the pursuit of personal and business growth.

The Institute promotes Hispanic leadership and influence by teaching individuals to use their authentic voice and heritage to advance themselves and others, in the workplace and the marketplace, by serving as role models, mentors and thought-leaders for their industries. The platform has been uniquely designed to give Hispanics - and the corporations they work for and buy from - the knowledge and power to unlock the unseen opportunities that are oftentimes right before them.

Learn more about CHL at: www.CenterforHispanicLeadership.com